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urgency here lou exceptions. all coming up on our t.v. more oklahoma remains devastated after it was hit by a massive tornado on monday locals are trying to pick up the pieces while planning to rebuild their lives full update you from the ground and more just ahead today lawmakers started looking at the needs of the pentagon when it comes to the budget for two thousand and fourteen from cyber defense to armed forces on foreign soil what are the details inside the national defense authorization act we'll find out coming up. and a new york city anarchistic finds himself in jail after refusing to speak in federal court so he may face eighteen months for a silence later on in the show will shine a spotlight on the case of jerry koch. well
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it's wednesday may twenty second eight pm in washington d.c. i'm margaret how well you're watching our t.v. starting up this hour the obama administration has formally admitted to killing four american citizens via drone strikes and a letter to congressional leaders attorney general eric holder wrote since two thousand and nine the united states in the conduct of u.s. counterterrorism operators against al qaeda and its associated forces outside of areas of active hostilities has specifically targeted and killed one u.s. citizen or a lockie the united states is further aware of three u.s. citizens who may have been killed in such u.s. counterterrorism operations the letter went on to stress that the other three killed which included a walkie son abdulrahman a walkie samir khan and jude mohamed were not specifically targeted in the strikes . the announcement comes a day before president obama is set to deliver
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a major national security speech that may expect an outcome of counterterrorism strategy is to come. oklahoma residents trying to pick up the pieces after the devastating storm ripped through the region late monday the hardest hit the small town of moore oklahoma now search and rescue efforts are ongoing as officials struggle to handle the destruction left in the wake of the category five tornado now the storm was upgraded from an easy for late tuesday monday's tornado will no doubt have a profound impact on the daily life indefinitely however one question lingers this is how will it take more to rebuild art his nicholas sanchez o'donovan is on the ground and brings us the latest just forty eight hours after a devastating e.f. five tornado hit the streets of moore just south of oklahoma city and causing massive damage the scene is just pretty much the same in the streets of mall still look like a real war zone we can't forget that more than twenty four hundred houses have been
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leveled to the ground here but the mood is different now it's not so much the search and rescue teams are on the ground but the cleaning teams in fact the media had to be relocated to allow those cleaning teams and the actual owners of the homes to get back to their houses but will can't go away is the memory of those forty minutes of terror caused by that e.f. five tornado you know under a bridge listen to my radio that's all i could do i don't know what else to do. i mean i thought the worst about everything and clearly we got it you did when you came back saw your neighborhood so you need to get to the level to the ground but when we. haven't. been torn and i've been a big deal to me as like a tornado we have all the time and then. thing all the houses now and be
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a fly and it's actually scary to know what i can actually do but i was likely to walks away from being demolished. but as time goes by questions arise for instance why be in an area traditionally hit by tornadoes homes hospitals and even schools weren't properly prepared. and that's something the mayor of moore is trying to fix by passing a law making storm shelters mandatory for new homes so that the next tornado doesn't cause the twenty four deaths this one did another issue to be addressed is the safety protocol in schools nine children who were killed on monday and parents i spoke to aren't happy at all with the inexistent safety measures. they had. this is the decision to let them leave would have made things different but it's not as many children would have died the county made the decision of not letting children go home and in my opinion that was
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a mistake as they were parents knocking down the doors of schools and begging for their children and that didn't happen and now they'll be mourning their kids is that's what's most difficult here in oklahoma the loss of so many innocent lives. meant that but for now there is a much needed sunshine here after days of rain destruction in the heavy winds that gives the people of the area a glimpse of hope that life goes on after tragedy nicholas o'donovan r.t. moore oklahoma moving on out of the national defense authorization act commonly known as the n d a able to day congress begins considering the latest version of this legislation the massive bill includes defense funding outlining of the budgetary authority of the department of defense drones sexual assault and one time obey are all on the table and the language of the spill dictates how and where the money goes to discuss this i was joined earlier by breaking the set host abby martin and political commentator sam sax i started off by asking sam to break down
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some of the main issues lawmakers are looking at in this bill. well i mean this bill you heard a lot of talk on capitol hill about drones this kind of this issue kind of jumped to the forefront when when john brennan was going through his confirmation to be the cia chief and you've seen a lot of lawmakers who want to use the new n.d.a. to inject more congressional oversight over the targeted killing program that's run out of the white house right now. guantanamo is another issue that's going to be addressed in this the president is giving his speech tomorrow and in the press briefing yesterday jay carney said the president is going to put forward his latest plans to close guantanamo bay so i mean these are the two major issues that the new india is going to look at it's also going to examine issues related to sexual assault in the military it's going to look at recommendations from the attack in benghazi and ways to keep our diplomatic mission safer. i mean this is all about
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funding the department of defense programming our war machine so it's a pretty all encompassing piece of legislation ok programming our warmachine i like that ok i swear the president says that he wants to close gitmo and take a new approach on drones we got a lot of the table for you to talk about here as well can we take him at his word well it's hard to take him at his word when you've been hearing this for the last six years i mean he said he wanted to close together as a main point in his policy making going into his campaign rhetoric going into the election and during the first two years he had control over the house he had control over the senate he had executive power he did not choose to close it instead he chose to cater to a very radical fringe right and the republican party that were saying that we could not put these people back to yemen that we've radicalized the mic ceterus so he made a point then to not go through with his word and so now i think he's just forced to address it because of this hunger strike it's really bad press but more importantly i think the broader picture is john bellinger one of the drone architects came out
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to a think tank lately and said that obama has avoided getting the entirely because of its you know such bad press for the bush administration that. he's just opted to kill suspected militants and suspected terrorists abroad so he's actually just taking it one step further bush like to go and capture people and torture them and hold them indefinitely obama has just opted to killing people and blowing up their friends and family without charges or trial so you know to me it's even just going farther than anything we've ever seen if i could add on to that you know there's been a lot of talk out of the white house the congress has handcuffed his ability to close guantanamo well there's a lot of members of congress who are speaking out and saying well that's not exactly the case carl levin has reached out to the white house saying there's a national security waiver in the in last year's national defense authorization act that allows you to close it senator dianne feinstein has sent similar letters to the white house congressman jim moran recently held a hearing saying montanaro needs to be closed so there's going to be a lot of pressure coming from congress for the president to step up and do
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something not exactly him saying oh i'm already engaged with congress well no you have this national security waiver which sam just mentioned you can do it and you can really take power to do so so it's as complete passing the buck one thing a lot of the relevant committees are saying they're saying you know we like to hear a plan to close guantanamo but the white house hasn't offered up a plan yet in considering that the white house is just house for four hundred fifty million dollars to renovate on time and it was and is and sounds like to me a lot of listen i want to say what i do but neither here nor there ok so does this end a debate in congress have anything to do with his speech tomorrow because it seems like a lot of coincidence to me that he would be talking about this just if they're considering the budget i think i think it absolutely does and you know the president definitely want wants to see some some changes to the national national defense authorization act he has some priorities he wants to get through the white house's hinted at that want to move the drone program out of the central intelligence agency agency to the department of defense where there might be more oversight although there was a cab to that saying all or drone strikes in pakistan will still be run of the cia so that there's plausible deniability there but as far as yemen goes we're already
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working with the with the government of yemen and our military is working with them . it just seems like it makes sense to let our drones run. out of the department of defense of yemen are and have a let's talk about the effects of this bill what it means what's it going to affect me about in terms of the policies of the bill like one time when everything coming out of it well i think that the end of two thousand and twelve the really controversial section ten twenty one that authorize indefinite detention of american citizens took a concept that was already in place one step further and of course it's the pressure to pass this military spending bill you know of course obama's going to say i had to pass the bill in order to fund our military so that's why they sneak these provisions in there and then have these cats and later say oh you know whatever we had to do it we have to support the troops right but you know the mess in two thousand and one basically allowed an all out preemptive war against al qaeda anywhere around the world and in that provision basically that everyone vote
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on except barbara lee basically just said you used to do this drones indefinite detention so the section ten twenty one in two thousand and twelve took new broke new ground according to journalists like chris hedges who decided to take this lawsuit actually and sue obama it's hedges versus obama's the lawsuit where he says that the math was vastly extended in this provision basically just has the authorization to strip americans of due process a lock them up in military tribunals for indefinite time i would argue that you know this is already been happening and this is more of a codification of something that's already been in place for the last decade but it brings out the important things and we certainly tend to care more about nationalism in american exceptionalism that hey we're subject to the law too this could affect everyone in this country do you think this bill is different from the other bills that an energy boost. is a different from last year's spell do you think process this process is just sort of beginning in the wild card here is whether or not congress is going to do something about the your about the authorization for use of military force is now
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been on the books for well over a decade here in congress really hasn't revisited it in the time that. i've been on the books. what various white houses have expanded its meaning to say that allows us to indefinitely detain americans this allows us to launch drone strikes all over the world last week we learned that the department of defense thinks that allows them to put boots on the ground in places like congo or the even in boston if there's if it's against al qaida or associated forces then you're seeing movement within the progressive caucus in the house and even a lot of senators including angus king who spoke up last week to reform the narrow in scope or repeal it altogether and if congress moves on the i.m.f. then that will have really significant impacts on stuff like one time obey on indefinite detention on the drones talking about that sam ok so this bill are we going to see any big changes coming out in terms of drones and get no anything significant it will still remains to be seen i think on drones you might see something happening one of the chairs of the armed services subcommittee that's in
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in charge of writing the new idea this guy named congressman mack there were very he's a republican and he's introduced legislation to force the white house to disclose all of its targeted killing missions to congress with justification and he's gotten some democrats on board so if you can cobble together some sort of coalition in the house to put legislation like that into the n.d.a. that will have really profound impacts on the white house is targeted to as well but i think that we need to be clear that this is a very small minority of people in the government right now who are saying let's get more oversight let's let's repeal they are mad i mean we're talking about a very sorry really the large majority of people are completely extreme wanting to ramp up wanting to as late these things wanted to exacerbate all these bush administration policies that a pentagon official just argued asked point blank how long is this war going to go on and he said ten to twenty years thirty year war i mean this is on top of twelve years of just that or the ok is that a nonexistent right sorry if congress has been yelling too much power in this president we were running out of time but i've got to get your opinion on that do
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you think that. are they having over their power i think that congress is may. things harder for things to move that are good but i think overall the president has executive privilege to do a lot of things signing statements a lot of executive orders that he has not done he's dropped the ball and he likes to pass the buck on congress or the president doesn't have the authority declare war if you think she does under the authorization for use of military force congress can step up and say no you don't have the power we're talking about power back by repealing it and that's why we need to pressure congress to at least take a you know be aware that were aware of that a lot of the information guys we have to leave it there thank you so much that was breaking this the sat host abby martin and political commentator sandip sachs. well ever since the two thousand and eight presidential campaign president obama has promised to shut down the detention facility in guantanamo bay last month he reiterated his intent in a press conference take a listen it is not a surprise to me that we've got problems in guantanamo which is why. when i was
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campaigning in two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight. and when i was elected in two thousand and eight i said we need to close guantanamo i continue to believe that we've got to close guantanamo now congress. determined that they would not let us close. but obama's defense department over at the pentagon just asked congress to allocate more than four hundred fifty million dollars forget modell these funds are intended to go toward maintaining and upgrading the facility so why spend four hundred fifty mil to maintain an upgraded facility you say you want to close meanwhile over guantanamo hunger strike continues to grow since beginning an early march no one hundred three detainees are hunger striking to protest their conditions during their indefinite detention with thirty one detainees currently being force fed and one of the hospital according to the miami herald perhaps president obama will explain the four hundred fifty million dollar
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request and a speech he set to give tomorrow on national security and he's slated to spend about half of his time discussing guantanamo bay. and now the case of the anarchistic activist who silence in court has landed him in jail twenty four year old jerry koch was subpoenaed to testify as a witness to a two thousand and eight midnight outside an armed forces recruitment center in which no one was injured although he was granted immunity and is not a suspect in the case he was found in contempt of court for fusing to testify before a federal grand jury. and he's now being held in a metropolitan detention facility and archie is honest as he a church was at the courthouse yesterday and brings us more on his case. a twenty four year old new york anarchist brought into court to face a federal grand jury. in two thousand and nine and again in twenty thirteen mr coach was subpoenaed to a federal grand jury that was investigating a bombing at the times square recruitment center back in march of two thousand and
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eight full time jerry coach refused to speak based on an assertion of his constitutional rights and his belief that the grand jury was an illegal infringement upon the exercise of his first amendment rights among others to have free association and freedom of speech. chose not to testify before the grand jury has resistance met would support from the radical political community thank you i mean the prosecution sees gerry as a witness in the times square bicycle bombing case that injured no one he's not a suspect and has never been accused of a crime the n.y.p.d. has not yet identified the bomber or named suspects they didn't know anything in two thousand and nine there's absolutely no reason to believe that four years later all of a sudden you have better a better memory of something that happened five years ago but because coach refused to answer any questions the judge was essentially just not having it and the judge
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basically said i don't want to hear political argument my courtroom on may twenty first he was found in contempt of court and confined refusing to speak jerry is now in jail until he either decides to testify or until the term of the grand jury expires which is usually eighteen months the supporters say officials are just trying to scare political activists and that is just. the activist longtime partner his friends and his supporters believe officials are trying to coerce him into snitching on new york's radical political community the government is trying to get jerry to name names there really are echoes of the red scare and the green scare and. it's it's really terrible i think it's a really. disgusting misuse of the water it's about a very well connected very intelligent very active person who's doing a lot of political good against the state and. you know if he if you talk then he's saying that's it that's ok and that's not ok and i
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think that it's an amazing example and. i love you guys amazing. because coach is position is a matter of principle it is unlikely that he will agree to testify in the months to come now faced with a long battle ahead in the name of a fight against a system he believes to be flawed from behind bars and r.t. new york. still ahead here on our team f.b.i. agents in florida fatally shot a man after he supposedly attacked them during questioning well the suspect is being investigated for possible connection with the boston bombings but what could this connection be it will more of this new development after the break. the same story doesn't make it news. pieces so we tom clancy thank.
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you. how has a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. now with family cry tears of joy great things other than. a war zone. there's a story. playing out in real life. well a florida man allegedly link to the boston marathon bombing suspects was shot and killed early this morning following a violent confrontation with the f.b.i. . came to dosh of age twenty seven was being questioned by two massachusetts state
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police troopers along with an f.b.i. agent and they were interviewing him about his ties to the april fifteenth boston marathon bombing suspects as well as his connections to an unsolved twenty eleven triple homicide case possibly involving tomorrowland survive well today has been linked with the all the time for a mixed martial arts center back in boston artie's guy and chicken can house more. the f.b.i. says to but today's sheriff was being questioned as part of the f.b.i.'s effort to find and talk to anyone who had any contact with time or lunch or naive officials say if the agents were questioning to dock ship on tuesday he was cooperated for they say but late tuesday night he attacked the agent who shot and killed him now under what circumstances it happened we don't know the f.b.i. says they send a review team to find out more officials also say to doctors had some connections with radical chechen militants but they say it's not clear whether he had any role
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in radicalizing time or lone star neiers the f.b.i. did not elaborate on details with the friend of a to da chauffeur who was also questioned by the f.b.i. the same day in the same area in orlando florida he he added more details he said. and the man who was shot late tuesday night had known each other for two years both did boxing he said the f.b.i. had been questioning both him this friend and her daughter for several weeks now and this friend also says that to dr of had tickets for chechnya but canceled his trip due to the investigation some sources told the media here to the show had lived in the united states as a legal resident since walks in with the two thousand and eight and was come a long term highest family really they they never really lived in chechnya any time on tour and i've arrived here in the us ten years ago but based on the connections that he preserved with that part of russia the russian authorities were able to
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warn the u.s. about tamerlan and i have radicalization more than two years before the boston bombings now u.s. authorities back then did not find him a long sort of suspicious despite the warnings some say because. the fischel face already might have taken into account his chechen background look at him from a more political rather than pure line for some point of view because it's no secret that the u.s. has for years seen the forces operating in chad. not not as militants not as terrorists but as rebels and freedom fighters they still use the word rebels when we're going to them also maybe that was the kind of mentality that went into the decision to grant asylum to tom alonso and i his family for example anyway following the tragic events in boston there has been a call from both the u.s. president abbas from president ford the security services of both countries to cooperate more closely and especially a call from the russian side to stop seeing the problem as being about your terrorist and my terrorist and two we start seeing it as
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a common threat well that was our t. international correspondent can. more revelations coming in about the department of justice is expansive leak investigation federal investigators have allegedly seized phone records of a number is affiliated with fox news on the white hills that could potentially show the government advisor leaked information to a new fox news reporter well the leak investigation surrounds state department employees steve in general kim who is accused of violating the ask me knowledge act for allegedly leaking classified information about north korea to james rosen chief washington correspondent for fox news in the course of the investigation the justice department traced the timing of rosen's phone calls and tracked his comings and goings from the state department security badge well the d.o.j. also subpoenaed rosen rosen's private g.-mail account of these court documents obtained by the washington post poll rosen quote an aider and abettor and or coconspirator of the alleged crime while it's impossible to determine exact targets
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in analyzing the search warrant affidavit for his e-mails the new yorker felt the d.o.j. accessed more than thirty phone numbers while the last four numbers were redacted it seems that two white house phone numbers at least five fox news phone numbers as well as the suspected to be fox news reporter james rosen cell phone number were all seized by the justice department. well this revelation from two thousand and nine demonstrates that the d.o.j. seizure of associated press phone records is not an anomaly but rather a part of a larger pattern in the justice department's crackdown of government leaks. well it seems the final frontier just got a whole lot tastier thanks to a one hundred twenty five thousand dollars grant from nasa the team system and a research corporation are on their way to create a universal food synthesizer the idea being to create a wide range of foods able to withstand long distance space travel the project is
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in its beginning stages but the company has already developed a machine able to print the chocolate young right so how does this work anyway these macronutrients come in powder form with each layer crust and sauce and meat product to be printed separately to form a main course will space that technology may come in handy not only feeding astronauts during space travel but also serve to replenish the world's food supply no word yet though where whether the pizza will be delivered in thirty minutes or less. well for the past decades crime in major cities like los angeles and new york have actually gone down but police continue to use questionable tactics to catch potential criminals the residents very hard for this explains.
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here in new york city we have something called operation lucky bag it's a big operation drummed up by our police department and there's nothing lucky about it basically lucky bag involves police leaving a bag filled with valuables such as an i pad or cash unintended in a public place then when someone picks up the bag up the police one up on them and arrest them for not turning in last good if that's some colossally stupid it's because it is for a few reasons first it completely undermines the actual smart practice of the encouraging people to say something if they see something if people see an unintended bag hanging out in new york city they should say something to someone
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and fast but if people think they could be arrested for touching an unintended bag to see if maybe it's just something lost versus oh i don't know a bomb they're going to be more apt to just look the other way not deal with it and mind their own business. second is kind of against the law the law clearly states that people have ten days to return lost property with a value of more than ten dollars to its owner or the police department civil liberty attorneys warned that people caught in the lucky bag sting would have a good case to pursue lawsuits for false arrest and that's exactly what's happening in two thousand and eleven one unlucky tourist from atlanta was in central park saw an old abandoned purse with twenty. seven dollars sticking out of it he took the cash and started looking for some sort of park authority to hand it over to when cops jumped out and arrested him he's now suing the city for one million dollars
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another man said he picked up a wallet off the sidewalk in queens and before you the chance to do anything n.y.p.d. officers arrested him now he's part of a class action lawsuit against the city the attorney in the case argues that this big operation traps its victims treating the good samaritan as criminals the n.y.p.d. has defended the program as a tool to catch people with larceny in their hearts by presenting them with the opportunity to do the wrong thing the police maintain the practice helps drive down crime. but whether or not you think abberation lucky bag is a good idea to catch potential criminal the bottom line is it is most definitely entrapment against the law and if you get caught in it it is nothing short of unlucky tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the rest of it
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. doesn't for mail for more of the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america have a great night. technology innovations all the developments around russia. the future covered. the. wealthy british. muslims.


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